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A.D. Adams

Louis Prima Jr. / Glass Heroes


A.D. Adams is a Highly Skilled, Internationally Recognized Veteran of the Drumming World, With More Than 35 years of experience as A professional in the music industry. Awarded the Prestigious "National Independent Rock Drummer of the Year Award" at the 2008 L.A. Music Awards. From countless National and World Tours, to Recording, T.V, Film, and Studio Work, A.D. ADAMS has shared stage and studio with the likes of : Gilby Clarke (Guns and Roses/"Rock Star: Supernova”), Michael Bruce (Alice Cooper), Chuck Berry (rock and roll legend), Patti LaBelle (R&B legend), Rat Scabies (The Damned), Denny Seiwell (Paul McCartney and Wings), Johnny Knoxville (“Jackass”), just to name a few!!!!! Regarded as one of the Most Sought-After Session Players in the Southwest, A.D. is also a regular Artist/Clinician at the Prestigious “Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences”. He also is called upon as a Frequent Guest Speaker for “The National Engineer’s Society’s” Recording seminars, "The Other Side of the Glass". Currently Working Internationally and Nationally with the son of legendary jazz great Louis Prima in "LOUIS PRIMA, JR. and the WITNESSES", Punk Rock Stalwarts “GLASS HEROES” (TKO Records) and International Glam-Rock Sensations “CRASH STREET KIDS” (Hot City Recording Co.). These bands currently all have C.D.’s that are receiving massive Radio Airplay and Worldwide Distribution. CRASH STREET KIDS have had two Number 1 Albums in the U.K. and one Number 1 Album in Denmark. Recognized by Pro-Mark as one of the Nation's Top Percussion Instructors. Long-time "Celebrity" Judge for Guitar Center's National Drum-Off (Annual Drum Competition) A.D. has been teaching private drum lessons for All Levels/Styles of Drummers for over 20 YEARS, and is widely known throughout the State of Arizona, and beyond, as one of the most knowledgeable, experienced, and professional percussion instructors around!!! Currently endorses- AQUARIAN DRUMHEADS,


  • Dirty Looks In Your Face Hard Rock Sticky/Atlantic 1986
  • Rooster and the Hotrods Rooster and the Hotrods Rock/Metal Full On 1998
  • Shaker Progress Avenue Rock/Americana Pennydog 1999
  • Brian Inman Brian Shelton Inman Country 2000
  • World Famous Tijuana World Famous Tijuana Rock 56th Street 2001
  • Poker Sharks Poker Sharks
  • Shaker Chronicles Rock/Americana Pennydog 2003
  • Western American Gothic W.A.G. Pop/New Wave WAG 2004
  • Crash Street Kids Let's Rock and Roll Tonite Rock/Glam Hot City 2005
  • Glass Heroes Glass Heroes Punk Malt Soda 2006
  • Crash Street Kids Chemical Dogs Rock/Glam Hot City 2007
  • Crash Street Kids Transatlantic Suicide Rock/Glam Hot City 2008
  • Crash Street Kids Live! From The Waist Down Rock/Glam Hot City 2010
  • Crash Street Kids Sweet Creatures Rock/Glam Hot City/Vanity 2011

Drumhead Setup

Snare - Hi-Velocity on top, Hi-Performance snare side
Toms - coated Super-2 on top, Texture Coated on bottom
Bass Drum - Superkick II on the batter, Superkick I on the front

Artist Quote

Music is music, no matter what the style. It's not always about the notes you play, it's often about the ones you leave out, and that's where you'll find the groove"

Artist Media

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