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Clive Jenner

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Clive Jenner has been a professional drummer for over 15 years. Clive has played with a host of top bands including the Proclaimers, Groove Armada, Freestylers and has played with the Mercury Prize nominee Tom McRae.
“After listening to Steve Gadd playing the live version of fifty ways to leave your lover by Paul Simon live in Central Park, I knew the drums was the instrument for me. Just listening to the short drum break at the end of the live version of the track I knew that was world class drumming at its best.
After playing in various local bands in my hometown of Hereford I decided to try my hand in the big city of London. I decided to study percussion at London College of Music, and since then I’ve been playing as a professional musician for the past fifteen years playing with various artists including FREESTYLERS, TOM McRae, GROOVE ARMADA, ROOTSMANUVA, And the PROCLAIMERS.
I decided to set up EALING DRUM STUDIOS to teach people of all ages that the drums is a great instrument to play at any level, to share hints and tips on how to get a good drum sound live, and in the studio to play as much music as possible.


Drumhead Setup

Snare - Hi-Energy on top, Hi-Performance snare side
Toms - clear Response 2 on top, Classic Clears on bottom
Bass Drum - Superkick II on the batter

Artist Media

Audio coming soon...
Richie Havens with Groove Armada
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