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Presently: Drums - Music Director for Mercury Nashville recording artist Billy Currington

- began piano and drum lessons at age 8
- middle/high school marching, jazz, concert bands
- music degree from Auburn University (1994)
- band director/ drumline instructor/drumset teacher-3 years
- moved to nashville in 2000
- played with- Nashville Star Winners Brad Cotter and Erika Jo, Nashville Star contestants Jamey Garner and Marty Slayton, Sarah Johns(BNA), Aaron Loy, Redneck Buddha, Peter Moon, Johnny Microwave, Kata Rhe, Buzz Maintenance, etc.
Sarah Johns(bna)-opener on George Strait 2007 Tour; Maylene and the sons of Disaster(Ferret Music); Act of Congress; Brad Cotter, Jamey Garner, Erika Jo-all Nashville Star_; Band Director/ Drumline Instructor (Birmingham, AL)1995- 1998

- influences- john bonham, elvin jones, vinnie colaiuta, jeff porcaro, steve gadd, zoro
- grew up on zeppelin, hendrix, dave brubeck, steely dan, the beatles, iron maiden, rush , the police
"Music is born in the heart, and i want to always play with that in mind, trying not to just play the music, but to be a true part of it as it is happening.. you have to commit and own the moment, or just go home, in my opinion. "


Drumhead Setup

Snare- Hi-Velocity on the batter, Classic Clear Snare Side
Toms- Coated Response 2 batter, Classic Clear on the bottom
Bass Drum- Superkick II batter, Regulator resonant

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