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Martin Ranscombe

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Martin has been a professional player and educator for a number of years. Throughout that time he has played with many bands in many different genres but, perhaps most significantly, he also has a Jedi-like passion for drum tuning!

Now he’s a man on a mission – to change the image of tuning from that of ‘irritating necessity’ into a fun and positive part of being a drummer. Martin has performed many highly entertaining clinics in the UK and Europe and written articles leading drumming magazines.

At the back end of 2007, Martin released his first DVD – ‘Tuning Basics For The Modern Drum Set’ – which sets out the fundamentals of his no-nonsense approach to this often thorny subject and offers a great insight into how to get a good drum sound without all the ‘myths’. This DVD is still selling very well and has become a 'must have' for many drummers across Europe. Martin was interviewed and featured in the February 2008 issue of ‘RHYTHM’ as a follow-up to this release. As we 'go to press' (2010), Martin is yet again featured in RHYTHM with a video series centred on head-selection and sound choices. He is also a main feature interview in the newly-launched magazine 'The Beat Book', hitting the shelves in January 2010.

On a wider note, Martin is also passionate about the joy of playing and inspiring anyone willing to listen (maybe even those who are not!) to experience the wonder of drums. He teaches advanced technique and groove development from his own studio and in 2008, Martin was asked to film a series of on-line lessons entitled ‘Tune-In To The Beat’ for Stick Library (www.licklibrary.com) where he shares his ideas for developing a good sense of groove in many different styles.

Martin is proud to endorse and be supported by some of the industry’s leading manufacturers as an artist & clinician for Premier, Meinl, Aquarian, Vater, Protection Racket and Jobeky Electronic drums.

The future looks exciting to say the least, so look out for Martin as he continues to develop his ideas and travels around sharing them with as many people as possible! His regular appearances at drum events will no doubt enhance his reputation as an entertaining and knowledgeable performer.


Drumhead Setup

Snare - Modern Vintage Medium on top, Classic Clear Snare Side on bottom
Toms - single ply Texture Coated on top, Classic Clears on bottom
Bass Drum - Superkick I, Force II Black on the resonant side

Artist Media

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