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Rob has been playing drums since the age of 9 and was taught by his father who was a jazz drummer himself in the 1960’s. He joined Hugh Cornwell in 1992 to record and tour the ‘CCW’ album and also worked with the indie band The Deep Six. These sessions led to working with U.S. producer Ted Mason on the Coati Mundi tour of England in 1993 and the Modern English tour of the States in 1996. Many other sessions and gigs followed with people like Adrian Utley from Portishead and jazz gigs with visiting soloists such as John Critchenson, Jim Mullen and Alan Barnes. Rob joined ex-Robert Plant guitarist Innes Sibun in 1997 and continues to record and tour with him every year.

Other people Rob has recorded or gigged with include:

Peter Gabriel, Jason Rebello, Herbie Flowers, Jamie Cullum, Six By Seven, Derek Nash, Kenny Lynch, Roger Cook, Charlie Jones, Tommy Whittle, Chris Biscoe, Dick Pearce, Danny Sheppard, Ron Matheson.

Rob is currently working with punk legend Siouxsie Sioux and performing drum clinics around the UK . He is currently working on a drumming Dvd and an E.P. which will be released later this year. He is endorsed by Sonor, Bosphorus, Aquarian DrumHeads, Hardcase, Roland, Bopworks Drumsticks.


  • "About To Happen" Siouxsie
  • "Adams Apple" Love Unknown
  • "Tail Dagger" Innes Sibun
  • "Everything's Mad" Modern English

Drumhead Setup

Snare - single ply Texture Coated
Toms - clear Response 2 on top, Classic Clears on the bottom
Bass Drum - Superkick I on the batter, Regulator on the resonant side

Artist Media

Audio coming soon...
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