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Tommy Rickard

Scott Weiland/Studio


A native to the bay area, Tommy grew up immersed in the San Francisco music scene. Spending his early drumming days opening for bands like Black Flag and Agent Orange. The next chapter was spent in the studio and on the road with Vain, Linda Perry, The Clarke Nova, Single, Blue Sky Roadster, Loaded, Yardley, Bloodroses, Texacala Jones, Eric Martin, Ronnie Montrose and a wide variety of independent singers, songwriters, and producers. All the while studying with Bay Area teaching legend Chuck Brown. While working with Linda Tommy recorded Christina Aguilera's Beautiful, as well as appearing onstage with Linda, playing drums for her jaw dropping Led Zeppelin tribute. Based in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area these days, Rickard has been spending his time in the studio and on stage with artists such as Scott Weiland, Devin Powers and Courtney Love, as well as touring Europe with Vain. With Todd Herfindal, Rich McCulley, and The Meadows, Tommy has been recording a long list of songs for TV shows such as Greys Anatomy, Army Wives, The League, Next, Men in Trees, One Tree Hill, Friday Night Lights, to name a few.


  • Vain, No Respect, Island Records
  • Vain, All Those Strangers, Island Records
  • Vain, Fade, Polydor Records
  • Vain, Enough Rope, MusicBuyMail
  • Loaded, TV Star, Crush Records
  • The Clarke Nova, Highway Star, Man's Ruin Records
  • The Clarke Nova, Supernaught, Man's Ruin Records
  • BloodRoses, Demonstrations from the House of Faith, Silversongs Records
  • BloodRoses, From St Paul to San Francisco, Silversongs Records
  • Blue Sky Roadster, Roller Coaster Goodbye
  • Single, Welcome Nada
  • Eric Martin, Destroy All Monsters, Pony Canyon Records
  • Linda Perry, Beautiful, and various tracks/projects
  • The Meadows, The Meadows, Single Recordings
  • The Meadows, First Nervous Breakdown, Single Recordings
  • The Mains, The Higher You Get, Rock Show Records
  • Rich McCulley, Far From Angel
  • Rich McCulley, Cerro Gordo
  • Rich McCulley, Starting All Over Again
  • Scott Warren, Quick Fix Bandage
  • Todd Herfindal, Collective, Single Recordings
  • Less, Movie Soundtrack
  • Michelle Shocked, Soul of My Soul
  • Courtney Love, The Prayer
  • Tommy Rickard, Dream California, House of Wheels Records
  • Wild About Harry, Movie Soundtrack
  • Delany, Blood and Ashes, MusicBuyMail

Drumhead Setup

Snares- Coated Super 2's or Coated Response 2's on the top, and Classic Clears on the bottom
Toms- Super 2's on the top, and Classic Clears on the bottom.
Bass Drums- Force 1 or Coated Super Kick double ply.

Artist Quote

Thanks to Aquarian heads, I've finally found the drum sound I've been looking for my entire drumming life. A perfect
combination of warmth, attack and beautifully rich tone. Each drum head feels as though it was made specifically for each individual drum. The dynamic range of the Super 2's, Performance 2's and Response 2's, is second to none. Whether I'm playing the most thunderous, heavy drum part, or playing the most subtle, almost whisper of a drum part, these heads still keep my drum thundering, singing and whispering like no other. Last but not least...the quality control and attention to detail at Aquarian is simply put, THE BEST!!!! Cheers to all at Aquarian!

Artist Media

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