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Violet The Cannibal

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Violet the cannibal is probably one of the hardest working female drummers in the UK. She has worked with many bands including top tribute bands supporting major acts touring in Europe and in the UK. Initially taught by Dave Mackingtosh from Dragonforce.
Between 2005 - 2008 she played over 850 shows. With German rockers Uniting the Elements.

She is currently working with American guitar legend Adam Bomb throughout the UK and Europe. Wowing audiences with fireworks and flames. No one plays as many shows clocking up over 250 a year.


  • Adam Bomb
  • Joan Ov Arc
  • Spiderbaby
  • The Femones

Drumhead Setup

Snare - Hi-Velocity
Toms - clear Performance II on top, Classic Clears on bottom
Bass Drum - Superkick II

Artist Media

Audio coming soon...
Video coming soon...