Chuck Fanslau

Band: Brett Michaels Band , Evick

"Having played drums professionally for over 15 years, I have tried almost every brand of drum heads possible. There is NO other drum head company that can provide the durability and tones that Aquarian has to offer!"


Chuck was born & raised in Northern VA, just outside of Washington DC. he got his first drum set as a teen, but refused to play it. Since he was just learning, he didn’t want people to hear him play poorly. So with the kit in the basement, he chose to sit in his bedroom & set up pillows where the drums should be & play them instead! Once he figured out something he could actually play on the pillows, he would move to the kit. He joined his first band about 2 years later & is still with the guitar player from that band, Pete Evick, today! Since then he has traveled the country in the band Evick & been fortunate enough to travel the world as part of the Bret Michaels Band for the last 6 years, including playing for the troops in Kuwait & Iraq! Currently both bands continue to release albums & tour constantly.

Drumheads Preferences

Snare Batter:

Single ply Texture Coated with Power Dot

Snare Resonant:

Tom Batter

Coated Response 2

Snare Resonant

Classic Clear

Kick Drum Batter

Superkick II

Kick Drum Resonant



Anachronism – EVICK (Potomac/Dreamscape Records) (2002)
Sunset to Sunset – EVICK (Potomac/Dreamscape Records) (2004)
Rock My World – Bret Michaels (vh1Records) (2008)
Custom Built – Bret Michaels (2010 release)

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