Dante Fire

Band: Independent

"Aquarian Equals Quality and Versatility"


Dante Fire has had a wide exposure to the arts and business. You name it from performing bass and drums since the age of 12, to producing over 20 albums. Since his chance meeting with Arsenio Hall at the Comedy Store in Hollywood and work on the infamous Carlos Martinez Show that was cancelled, Dante has led the jazz fusion group Cross-Effect through some very good times. One of his career highlights is holding down the bass chair in the band of legendary “Funk Master” Rick James. Some may recall Dante’s much earlier hip hop work with Word$ Of Mouth featuring Thump/Universal rap artist Bossolo. Additionally, Dante produced and directed music videos like “Insane” that aired on MTV’s YO MTV Raps program in the 90’s or “Love Exorcist”  from his 2013 Dark Angel album. In addition to being a bandleader and musical director, Dante has also managed the vocalist Sabrina Vargas. Receiving his Bachelors from the University of Redlands and MBA from the University of Phoenix he has taught drums privately and lectures at the college level on the music business at The Art Institute of San Diego. He has also guest lectured on the history of African Drumming at The Los Angeles Academy of Arts, The Orange County School District, Loma Linda Academy and La Sierra Academy in Southern California. As a record executive, Dante worked  under Judy Valsi at  EMI Records along with Monte Lipman current CEO of Universal Republic before starting Music Mattress, Inc./BLUE NOTE DIGITAL. From a musical perspective, he has worked with many top artists ranging from jazz to rock and r&b/ hip hop to gospel. Some of the artists include:  George Duke, Al Jarreau, Jamie Foxx, Rick James, Candy Dulfer, and Ice-T. He has also performed with vocalist/actress Tichina Pam Arnold (Martin Lawrence Show) Jazz legend Henry Franklin,  Andy Waddell, Gustavo Ramirez, Ronald Bruner Jr. (Marcus Miller/Stanley Clarke/KennyGarrett bands), Carlitos Del Puerto (Bruce Springsteen/Frank Gambale/ Chris Botti/ Arturo Sandoval), Donald Barrett (Carson Daily Show/ Seal/Pink Bands), Zane Musa (Arturo Sandoval/Carson Daily Show Band).

Drumheads Preferences

Snare Batter:

Coated Studio-X with Power Dot

Snare Resonant:

Classic Clear Snare Bottom

Tom Batter

Clear Super-2

Tom Resonant

Classic Clear

Kick Drum Batter

Superkick II

Kick Drum Resonant



2017 Bateria Verde Dante Fire Blue Note Digital
2017 Acoustic Funk Dante Fire Band Blue Note Digital
2017 Stink Eye Dante Fire Blue Note Digital
2016 Funky Planet Dante Fire Blue Note Digital
2015 Earth Spirit Dante Fire Blue Note Digital
2014 Blackend Salmon Dante Fire Blue Note Digital
2013 Dark Angel Dante Fire Music Mattress
2012 Red Room Dante Fire Music Mattress
2011 Rhythm City The Dante Fire Trio Music Mattress
2011 The Dante Fire Trio The Dante Fire Trio Music Mattress
2010 Revive Revive
2008 Live At The Sturgis Theatre Cross-Effect Music Mattress
2007 Lydian Theory Cross-Effect Music Mattress
2006 Lovely Day Cross-Effect Music Mattress
2003 On An On Cross-Effect CRG
2002 On The B Side Cross-Effect CRG
2001 Live At The Baked Potato Cross-Effect CRG
2001 Beyond Limits Cross-Effect CRG
2000 Cross-Effect Cross-Effect CRG
1998 Cross-Effect Enchantment CRG
1991 Words of Mouth Rhymes Immaculate Secular/Capital

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