Darren King

Darren King

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Darren King

Band: Mutemath


Darren Charles King (born June 25, 1982 in Springfield, MO) is the Grammy nominated drummer for New Orleans based band, Mute Math. In recent years King has become recognized as not just a drummer but also for his work as a producer, songwriter, and music video director. King is well known for his intense, energetic playing style. In every Mute Math show Darren tapes his headphones to his head, climbs around and disassembles his kit, and put his gear through the ringer. If the entirety of kick pedals, cymbals, heads, and sticks that Darren has destroyed on stage thus far were to be gathered together it would likely be enough to build a small house from. Despite his recklessness, King has been sent from the stage to the emergency room only once so far. Darren also performs for his wife Stacy King of the band “Eisley”. He co-produced and played on the debut record of her solo project “Sucre”.

He has produced remixes for bands such as Switchfoot, Paper Route, Abandon, and Son Lux, and directed music videos for his own band as well as Eisley, Say Anything, Sucre, and the TonTons.

Darren resides in Tyler, TX with his wife and daughter and is currently working with his band to write and record their 4th full length record for Warner Brothers.


Drumheads Preferences

Snare Batter:

Triple Threat, Texture Coated with Power Dot

Snare Resonant:


Tom Batter

Single ply Texture Coated

Tom Resonant

Kick Drum Batter

Superkick II

Kick Drum Resonant


  • 2006- “Mutemath”, Mutemath
  • 2009- “Armistice”, Mutemath
  • 2011- “Odd Soul”, Mutemath

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