DJ Bonebrake

Band: X

"Aquarian heads are not only the best sounding heads, they are also the most durable, and I’ve used every brand there is!"


DJ Bonebrake has been playing drums since he was a boy in the late 1960’s.
He’s most famous for his high-speed precision playing in the legendary punk band “X”, but over the last 30-plus years DJ has worked with hundreds of singers, songwriters and bands as both a live and session musician.  In Los Angeles, DJ has built a solid reputation in the music industry as the go-to guy when musicians and producers need a drummer who is dedicated, versatile, and efficient.  Many of DJ’s fans are surprised to learn that DJ also plays jazz drums as well as vibraphone and marimba.  He also offers on-line session work to artists who require drum tracks for their musical projects.

Drumheads Preferences

Snare Batter:

Coated Response 2

Snare Resonant:

Hi-Performance Snare Bottom

Tom Batter

Deep Vintage II

Tom Resonant

Classic Clear

Kick Drum Batter

Superkick I

Kick Drum Resonant



X :
Los Angeles (1980)
Wild Gift (1981)
Under The Big Black Sun (1982)
More Fun In the New World (1983)
Ain’t Love Grand! (1985)
See How We Are (1987)
Live At The Whisky-a-go-go (1988)
Hey Zeus (1993)
Unclogged (Live) (1995)
Beyond and Back : The X Anthology (1997)
The Best : Make The Music Go Bang (2004)

The Knitters :Poor Little Critter on the Road  (1985),
The Modern Sounds of the Knitters (2005)
Michael Penn : Free For All (1992)
Devil’s Brigade: Devil’s Brigade (2010)
The Harry Smith Project (2006)
Dead Rock West :  Bright Morning Stars (2011), It’s Everly Time (2015)
Stoned Immaculate-The Music of the Doors (2000)
The Stripminers : Frail Hope Ranch (2012), Movies (2012)
The Decline of Western Civilization (1981)
Ramblin’  Jack Elliot : I Stand Alone (2006)
Robert Drasnin-Voodoo II (2007)
Peter Case : Wig! (2010)
Steven Bernstein : Diaspora Hollywood (2004)
Rickie Lee Jones : The Evening of My Best Day (2003), The Devil You Know (2012)
Eliza Gilkyson : Misfits (1999)
Steve Wynn : Kerosene Man (1990)
Mandy Moore : Coverage (2003)
Dan Sartain : Dudesblood (2014)
The Flesh Eaters : A Minute to Pray A Second To Die,  (1981)

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