Joe Styppa

Band: Konvoy/AUST/Cassandra Steen

"They´re great! Their heads give my drums the sound I want and there´s another thing which is important for me: They´re really nice guys and great supporters.


“Joe Styppa” is not only a drummer with an extra ordinary mustache – in the last few month he got more and more famous as a drummer in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Actually he is well known as the drummer for the bands “Konvoy”, “AUST” and “Estikay” and also as Musical Director of the TV-Band “Sing um dein Leben” and Cassandra Steen (+Live Drums), as well as a producer and songwriter of many other artists. Joe is not only a musician – he is a brand and a person with a lot of experience in being a musician and a friend.

So after his first single-video-project – “Drumsolo Steamboat Willy (Disney 1928)” he wants to do the next step with the remake Video of “Carry The Weight”, produced by Rorofilm. This Video and Song is about playing drums as drummer who loves his instrument and feels it. And it’s about Joe – and his mustache you will keep in mind forever!

Drumheads Preferences

Snare Batter:

Coated Response 2

Snare Resonant:

Classic Clear

Tom Batter

Texture Coated

Tom Resonant

Texture Coated

Kick Drum Batter

Clear Force I

Kick Drum Resonant



INBORN! “Art Crimes” 2012

Zweiplus “Die Maya Lager Falsch” 2012

Konvoy “Konvoy” 2013

Zirkumpolar “Crime and Punishment” 2014

Estikay “Gnau Hier” 2014

Konvoy “Konvoyeah” 2015

Joka “Augenzeuge” 2015

Cro “MTV” 2015

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