John Watt

Band: Fjords, Independent

"In my line of work I place extremely high demands on drumheads: I need them to be quick to tune, resilient, consistent if I change one out and tonally rich. I have to be adaptable to many different situations and I need my sound to be able to do that too – Aquarian heads deliver on all counts and I couldn't be happier to rely on them as an integral part of my signature sound."


John Watt is a professional session drummer living in the United Kingdom.
From 2007 he was a member of industrial metal act October File on Candlelight Records until the
band folded in 2016 after 3 studio albums, a live DVD and a number of explosive live shows across
both the UK and Europe.
As a session musician John has worked for a variety of artists which include pop rockers E of E, the
operatic metal group EnkElination, progressive act Orgone Ocean Sonar, blackened death metal
band Sacrilegious Throne, rock studio project Beyond The Chaos, alt-rock band The Endeavour,
hard blues musician Andre Bakh, goth rock group Chasing Ghosts and many more.
Following the disbanding of October File in late 2016, John teamed up with the progressive project
Fjords to bring their material up to speed as a full band project after having recorded an unreleased
EP for them several years prior.
Calling for a high level of technical musicianship, working with Fjords sees John writing and
performing some of the most demanding yet musical parts of his career to date.

Drumheads Preferences

Snare Batter:

Coated Focus-X with Power Dot

Snare Resonant:

Classic Clear Snare Bottom

Tom Batter

Clear Response 2

Tom Resonant

Classic Clear Gloss Black

Kick Drum Batter

Clear Force I

Kick Drum Resonant

Force II Black


2017 Fjords “Ode to the Albatross

2015 Tom Wills “What The Funk?!”

2015 Chasing Ghosts “From Depravity”

2014 Orgone Ocean Sonar “Process of Being”

2014 EnkElination “Tears Of Lust”

2014 Thesis Progression “Alive”

2014 October File “The Application of Loneliness, Ignorance, Misery, Love and Despair”

2014 Beyond The Chaos “Darker Heaven”

2014 Fjords “The Somnium Quarter”

2013 Various Artists “Fairytale of New York” Charity Single

2013 Thesis Progression “You’ll Be Mine”

2013 Beyond The Chaos “Troubled Winter”

2013 Sacrilegious Throne “The Infernal Council”

2013 October File “Renditions In Juxtaposition” Live CD/DVD

2012 Sacrilegious Throne “Eternal Apostasy”

2012 Beyond The Chaos “The Mariner”

2011 Sacrilegious Throne “Acts of Apostasy”

2010 Various Artists “Zombie Driftwood OST”

2010 October File “Our Souls To You”

2007 October File “Holy Armour From The Jaws Of God”

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