Keith Jones

Band: Wicked Tinkers

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Keith is not your everyday drummer. He has more than three decades of experience and an incredibly diverse drumming language. Keith graduated from Hollywood’s Percussion Institute of Technology (MI), and he won a CCMA Rising Drumming Award.

He has played every style imaginable, from Rock & Roll, Jazz, and Celtic to Country, performing with such greats as Joe Houston, John Mayall, Mick Taylor, Gary Allan, Philip Claypool, Wicked Tinkers, New Frontier, Reuben Howe, and many others. Keith has traveled the world playing to crowds of a few hundred to hundreds of thousands of people. You may have heard him on the radio or have seen him on TV on shows such as the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Arrested Development, George Lopez, The Shield, and many morning TV Shows.

When Keith performs he does it with fervor, and his enthusiasm spills over into every one of his performances. His high energy is infectious and his drumming, intoxicating.

Keith’s personal philosophy is “always listen and be influenced by music and by your heroes. Be open minded and reach for the stars. Persevere, practice, and always strive to improve. You can never stop learning. There is a place for everyone in this business”.

Drumheads Preferences

Snare Batter:


Snare Resonant:


Tom Batter

Clear Response 2

Tom Resonant

Classic Clear

Kick Drum Batter

Superkick 10

Kick Drum Resonant



2015 – Wicked Tinkers – Tribal Celtic – Big Bottle of Bad Idea’s

2008 – Wicked Tinkers – Tribal Celtic – RANT!

2005 – Wicked Tinkers – Tribal Celtic – Whiskey Supper

2003 – Wicked Tinkers – Tribal Celtic – Banger for Breakfast

2002 – Wickers Tinkers – Tribal Celtic – Loud

1996 – New Frontier / New Frontier – 1996 C.C.M.A. Country Band of the Year

1985 – OF – OF – All Original Alternative Folk Rock

June 2013 Arrested Development (Season 4, Episode 4)

2000 to Present

Numerous TV/Radio Commercials across the United States for Wicked Tinkers

August 2012 (Air Date in 2013) Arrested Development on Fox starring Jason Bateman, Michael Cera, Isla Fisher & Several More Greats…

February 2009 USA Sevens Rugby Championship Petco Park San Diego, CA ESPN World Wide TV/Radio Coverage

February & March 2008 (Re-Accuring) Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on CBS

February 2006 Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on CBS

2005 TV Pilot called Crazy starring Laura Flynn Boyle on UPN

2005 George Lopez on ABC (2 Episodes)

2004 The Sheild on FX

2004 WDSU New Orleans Channel 6 Morning Show

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