Mike Johnston

Mike Johnston

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Mike Johnston began studying the drums at the age of 5. He spent the next 15 years studying privately with some of the greatest educator/drummers of our time including Pete Magadini, Steve Ferrone, and Steve Smith.

At the age of 21 Mike received his first major label record deal with his band Simon Says (Hollywood Records) and spent the next 5 years touring the world. He received a gold record for his contributions to the Varsity Blues soundtrack and has appeared on The Late Show with Dave Letterman as well as on MTV’s Fashionably Loud.

Mike currently runs the educational website www.mikeslessons.com where he offers “LIVE” online drum lessons as well as pre-recorded video drum lessons and yearly drum camps.

Mike’s endorsements include:
Aquarian Drumheads, Gretsch drums, Vater Drumsticks, Meinl Cymbals

Mike has toured the US and Europe with Hollywood Recording artists Simon Says and Warner Bothers Recording artists FILTER.

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