Mike Miley

Band: Rival Sons

"Best heads on the market, BY FAR. This company has always had integrity. I've known Roy for 20 years and since its inception, Aquarian has made nothing but top of the line products. They're way more consistently in tune, and easier to tune, to boot! I'm a tuning nerd and have tuned all the known competitors' heads. None have the tone that Aquarians do; not even close; and our tone is our voice!"


Miley began drumming when he was 4 years old. His dad played him “In
the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins and after the classic drum fill,
Michael knew right then and there what the future would hold for
him. Then of course after he had heard “Hold the Line” by Toto and
“Good Times, Bad Times” by Led Zeppelin, he began his pursuit for
developing a fast right foot. Jeff Porcaro and John Bonham remain
his top favorite drummers. However, being born on the same day as
Keith Moon (August 23rd), Michael, with the Rival Sons (Earache Records),
has ironically established a style of his own that echos the
reckless abandonment of “Moonie” (now “Miley”). He has recorded and/
or performed with Kelly Clarkson, Jay Buchanan, Joe Firstman, Bird3,
Josh Kelley, Santana, Ricky Martin, Tony Lucca, Veruca Salt, Mickey
Hart, and Rival Sons. He also was in the House Band for “Last Call
with Carson Daly” on NBC for five years. He is currently the
drummer for Rival Sons on Earache Records. They have three LP’s and one EP
available on iTunes and in stores everywhere. They’re about to record their
fourth full length album in Nashville with Dave Cobb.

Michael has studied with Roy Burns, Dave Garibaldi, John Molo, Chalo
Eduardo, Chuck Silverman, Chuck Flores, and Dean Cook.

Drumheads Preferences

Snare Batter:

Texture Coated

Snare Resonant:

Power Dot

Tom Batter

Clear Classic with Power Dot

Tom Resonant

Classic Clears

Kick Drum Batter

Classic Clear with Power Dot

Kick Drum Resonant

Classic Clear with Power Dot


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