Randy Black

Randy Black

Band: DuskMachine/Independent


Randy Black is a Canadian-born rock drummer and recording artist known best for his stints as the drummer for Click, Bif Naked, Annihilator, and Primal Fear. Although Randy’s actual acoustic drum configuration is not unique to the field of drumming, Randy’s playing style is notable for his ability to play ambidextrously with a symmetrical set of cymbals, specifically a dual set of remote hi-hats and ride cymbals to his right and to his left respectively.

Black is a native of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. He got his first professional start in 1980 with a band called “The Edge” however he didn’t start really touring to any large degree until he join the band “The Kaotics” in 1982. Randy would settle into a serious groove later when he joined Click in 1984. Click was known for it’s extraordinary covers of tracks by such artists like Journey and Rush. Covering Rush’s material was one of Click’s strengths.

In 1993, Randy would move to Vancouver, Canada and hook up with Annihilator eventually recording 4 records and touring the world with the Canadian thrash band.
In 1998, Randy toured and recorded with Bif Naked on the album “I Bificus” It was shortly after this that Randy moved to Berlin, Germany.

After the 2003 “Metal Gods Tour” he joined the group Primal Fear and has found a suitable home.

Randy is also teaching at the Drum Trainer Berlin and in between touring with Primal Fear and teaching is playing with his project band DuskMachine and a Berlin based drum group called The Drum Connection. Randy’s latest project is Rock Meets Classic. Visit Randy’s youtube page at www.youtube.com/user/RandyBlackDrums

Drumheads Preferences

Snare Batter:

Hi-Energy for touring, Jack DeJohnette for studio

Snare Resonant:

Tom Batter

clear Super-2 or DeJohnette

Tom Resonant

Classic Clears

Kick Drum Batter

Super-Kick 10

Kick Drum Resonant



  • 2012 – Primal Fear – “Unbreakable”
  • 2010 – Primal Fear – “Live In The USA”
  • 2010 – Drum Instructional DVD – The Black Book”
  • 2009 Primal Fear – 16.6
  • 2008 Udo Lindenberg – Stark Wie Zwei
  • 2007 Marcus “Rooky” Forstbauer – Extended
  • 2007 Primal Fear – New Religion
  • 2007 Primal Fear – Very Best Of
  • 2006 Skew Siskin – Peace Breaker
  • 2005 DuskMachine – The Final Fall
  • 2005 Primal Fear – Seven Seals
  • 2004 Primal Fear – Devils Ground
  • 2003 Annihilator – Double Live Annihilation
  • 2003 Rebellion Born A Rebel
  • 2002 Annihilator – Waking The Fury
  • 2002 Schwarz – Das Schloss
  • 2000 Rebellion – A Tragedy In Steel
  • 1998 Bif Naked – I Bificus
  • 1996 Annihilator – Refresh The Demon
  • 1995 Annette Ducharme – Bloom
  • 1994 Annihilator – King Of The Kill

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