Steve DiStanislao

Band: David Gilmour


Steve Di Stanislao aka “Stevie D” is a professional Drummer, Vocalist & Producer. Stevie’s talents have been called upon by some of the biggest names in the music business such as David Gilmour, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Don Felder, Kenny Loggins, Joe Walsh, Loggins & Messina, Chris Robinson & the New Earth Mud, Paul Anka, David Crosby & CPR,The Apex, Carl Verheyen, ESP, Space Heaters and many more. Stevie has recently signed on with Crosby, Stills & Nash to play drums and sing for their upcoming 2012 world tour. In addition, Stevie D is also currently working with former Eagles guitarist Don Felder on a regular basis and has been actively recording in L.A on many different musical projects as well as producing.

Drumheads Preferences

Snare Batter:

Coated Studio-X

Snare Resonant:

Tom Batter

Single ply Texture Coated or Super-2's

Tom Resonant

Classic Clear

Kick Drum Batter

Clear or Coated Force

Kick Drum Resonant

Modern Vintage


  • Bannaroo Music Festival DVD with Chris Robinson & The New Earth Mud
  • Loggins&Messina reunion DVD
  • David Gilmour “Remember That Night” DVD
  • David Gilmour “Live In Gdansk” DVD
  • Sessions for PIXAR
  • Recordings for Kenny Loggins, Joe Cocker, Carl Verheyen & CPR

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