Ted Morton

Band: Pet Shark/Independent

"Thank you Aquarian for making amazing heads and helping define my sound. "


Ted’s passion for music began at an early age. He started out playing piano at the age of five, trumpet at age eight, guitar at the age of ten and then settled into drumming at the age of thirteen.

He plays various musical styles ranging from classical, pop, rock, progressive rock, and Gospel music, and he also likes to teach. His early years in music brought depth of understanding and a broad musical foundation that he brings to every situation.

Growing up in Southern California, Ted has played and recorded in many of the world’s finest recording studios and venues.

He’s played with such artists as Dove Award Winner Crystal Lewis, Christian Country Music Award Winner Dennis Agajanian, Michael Sewell, Six30jam, San Diego Music Award Winner Steven Ybarra, Blues Hall of Fame inductee Darrell Mansfield, Grammy Award Winner Steve Camp and countless others.

Ted is the co-founder, drummer, and co-producer of the progressive rock instrumental band Pet Shark. Their debut album features Guitarist Keith Moreland, and Matt Bissonette on Bass. They’ve been joined by bassist Russ Reshaw for the live shows. Their debut album has garnered great reviews both in the United States, and internationally. They are currently writing and recording for their second release, and supporting their music at live shows.

Drumheads Preferences

Snare Batter:


Snare Resonant:

Classic Clear Snare Bottom

Tom Batter


Tom Resonant

Classic Clear Gloss Black

Kick Drum Batter

Reflector Superkick

Kick Drum Resonant



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