Introduction by Roy

Early in 1977, I was getting ready to do a clinic in New Jersey. A young man approached me while I was adjusting the drumset and introduced himself. He said, “Hi, I’m from a new magazine called Modern Drummer. Could I take some photos and perhaps get an interview afterwards?” I said, “Sure, why not?” After the clinic we did the interview and I was later surprised to see myself on the cover on MD’s second issue. I’ve been involved with Modern Drummer to one degree or another ever since.

In 1980, I called Ron Spagnardi, MD’s Editor/Publisher and told him I had ideas for some articles for the magazine. He was receptive and suggested Concepts as the title for the column.

Modern Drummer was and still is the best form for drummers. Virtually every point of view is expressed in its pages. This in itself is an unusually objective approach to the subject of drumming. My intent has always been to help young drummers. I believe that’s also the intent of MD. And I am extremely proud to have been involved with the magazine virtually since its inception.

A note from Ron Spagnardi

Between 1980 and 1992, famed drummer/author/educator Roy Burns wrote a regular column for Modern Drummer Magazine called Concepts. In his column, Roy offered a wealth of practical, informative, and entertaining ideas on dozens of subjects that concern serious drummers of all ages and at all levels.

During the years that Concepts appeared in MD, the column was continually rated among the top three in popularity among the many loyal readers of the magazine.

The best of Concepts is a compilation of nearly 70 of Roy’s most enlightening articles extracted form the pages of Modern Drummer – articles that have inspired thousands of drummers around the world.

Ron Spagnardi
Modern Drummer Magazine

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