FSR_logoAQUARIAN’S patented FSR (Force Sensitive Resistor) trigger drumhead playing surfaces are made from a combination of plastic film embedded with specially designed inks that transmit electrical current. Traces of conductive ink, placed between 2 or more plies of Aquarian’s proprietary Nu-Bright ™ drumhead film, complete the electrical circuit when struck by sticks, brushes, mallets or even fingers.

When pressure or force is applied, both plies of the resonant drumhead film make contact, resulting in a resistance value being created. The amount of resistance generated determines the level of signal produced. This information is then translated through the cable connections of the inBOX into a clean and accurate trigger signal that any drum trigger module can read and use.

FSR-tech    inHead Snare plus inBox   

The resulting signal from the Aquarian FSR sensor is cleaner, more accurate and less susceptible to misfiring than other triggering methods. There is no crosstalk due to surrounding, uninvited vibrations or sudden loud sounds. Aquarian’s electro-acoustic playing surfaces are more sensitive, and are more accurate at triggering light hits than conventional technologies. We call it Force sensing Response!

Aquarian offers FSR sensors in both the inHEAD and onHEAD products.  Aquarian FSR drum surfaces are powered and controlled by the Aquarian inBOX or a multi input FSR trigger interface such as Alternate Mode’s DITI trigger interface.

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