Impact Series™

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Clear Single Ply Imp I 18" thru 26" -
Clear Two Ply IMP II 18" thru 26" -
Coated Single Ply w/Power Dot IMP III 18" thru 26" -

Impact I™: A clear, 10 mil single ply, medium weight bass drumhead. The Impact™ series features Aquarian’s patented "Floating Muffling System." A wider felt ring is attached to the backside of the drumhead to reduce "over-ring."

Impact II™: A clear, two 7 mil ply bass drumhead. This two ply version provides extra durability and a more focused sound.

Impact III™: A coated, 10 mil single ply, medium weight bass drumhead with a Power Dot™ in the center for added reinforcement.