What do you do when your bass drum beater breaks thru your bass drum head  in the middle of a set?  The kickPATCH fixes minimally broken bass drum heads in seconds with a permanent patch that will get you thru the gig!

The 12″ kickPATCH has a strong, easy to peel, adhesive backing that is ready when things go wrong. Simply peel and place PATCH over the middle of the tear, press to secure, and you are ready to go. No removal of the batter head is necessary.

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The kick PATCH can be used on new and used heads to prevent wear and tear and increase drumhead life.  When applied to a new head, the PATCH can add focus and attack, as well as bring out more low-end frequencies in the kickdrum sound.

*Patch a broken bass drum head quickly and easily.

*Increase new drum life.

*Add density to enhance the low-end frequencies of any bass drumhead.

*Shape sound of any drum with a more focused attack and reduced decay.



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