Chuck Fanslau on the new Evick release

Evick and Bret Michael’s drummer Chuck Fanslau is on the new Evick digital release titled “Reflections”.



Five years later…”Reflections”, the lost EVICK album sees the light of day.

  For 10 years, Pete Evick and his band have been on a grueling schedule of touring, touring, and more touring. As is common in the music industry, a life on the road sometimes restricts a band’s ability to sit down and finish a full length album. EVICK’s second release “Sunset to Sunset” was simply a five song EP that was supposed to satiate their loyal fan base until the touring stopped and they could produce a full-length album. Well, as luck would have it, the touring didn’t stop as their success grew into ten fold when they became Bret Michaels’ solo band. There couldn’t have been better timing for a bunch of road dogs who were at home being on tour. It was at that crucial moment that Michaels went from being Poison’s front man, to the ROCK OF LOVE,CELEBRITY APPRENTICE star and all around lovable Bad Boy that he’s known for being today, taking EVICK on a non-stop roller coaster of reality TV, rock ‘n roll, and more relentless touring for the next five years.

  EVICK’s loyal fan base have had to subsist only upon demo and leaked versions of what was rumored to be long-promised third release from the band. The constant touring, however, wasn’t the only thing that caused delays. The sudden loss of all of the raw tracks » Continue Reading


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New drum article by Andy Ziker

zik pic» Continue Reading


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Keith Zebroski/Miranda Lambert Tour!


Following a whirlwind year full of impressive accolades and her first ever headlining tour, Texas singer/songwriter Miranda  is revving up to hit the road again.  The Revolution Continues nationwide tour kicks off February 24th in St. Louis, MO with special guests Justin Moore and Josh Kelley.  In addition to her own tour, Lambert will join country legend Alan Jackson for his first Australian tour, which sold out in minutes.

Last year, Lambert’s first headlining tour met with sold out shows and rave reviews.  The Revolution Continues tour should prove to deliver more of the same.

"Whether it was the energetic ‘Gunpowder and Lead,’ where she picked up her microphone stand (shaped as a rifle) and pointed it at the crowd, or the emotional ‘The House That Built Me,’ Miranda proved she’s one of the most powerful performers in today’s country scene," praises Annie Reuter from AOL’s The Boot.

"Aided by her powerhouse band, tender ballads like the exquisite ‘The House That Built Me’ and snarling barnburners like ‘Maintain the Pain’ blended to form a seamless 90-minute set that was over far too soon," raves Preston Jones with the Star Telegram.

"As for Lambert, she proved her queenly stature with terrific songs (the right mix of attitude and emotion — with plenty of depth), a potent voice (no one can twang a song like she can) and a tight, forceful band," says Star Tribune’s Jon Bream.

Lambert’s special guests also sing her praises and can’t wait to get this tour started.… » Continue Reading


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Chris Adler 2011 Clinic Tour!




Don’t miss this opportunity to see Chris Adler in Clinic! His 11 in 11 Tour will start February 28th in Utah and will conclude March 16th in Florida. Click on the links for further information and contact details. Visit Chris Adler’s new website at

2/28 Salt Lake City, UT Backbeats Drum Shop
3/2 Bellevue, WA Donn Bennett Drum Studio
3/3 Fresno, CA Bentley’s Drum Shop
3/6 San Antonio, TX Jeff Ryder Drum Shop
3/7 Nashville, TN Forks Drum Closet  
3/8 Kansas City, MO Explorers Percussion
3/9 Memphis, TN Memphis Drum Shop
3/10 Kenner, LA Ray Fransen’s Drum Shop
3/14 Plainview, NY Original Long Island Drum Center
3/15 Portland, ME The Drum Shop
3/16 Hollywood, FL Resurrection Drums» Continue Reading


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inHEAD In The Studio Preview!

We recently spent the day in the studio with Aquarian artist Mike Bennett having fun with the new inHEAD drumhead and its endless possibilities. This little clip shows the acoustic sound of the inHEAD blended with the Roland TD20X module. The inHEAD is on the snare and the floor tom. Mike cooked up a unique percussion patch on the TD20X that the inHEAD is triggering to sit underneath the acoustic sound of the snare and floor tom. We had a great time pulling in Addictive Drums sounds as well which we then blended with the acoustic sound and the Roland sounds. Stay tuned for more video that will demonstrate and explain the world of possibilities that the inHEAD is capable of delivering. MIDItronix, Aquarian and inHEAD… Shaping the future of percussion!… » Continue Reading


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