Drumset for Preschoolers: A Guide for Teachers/Parents of 2 to 6 Year-Olds by Andy Ziker

New Book by Try Publishing Transforms Junior Drumkits into a Valuable Learning Tool


TRY Publishing proudly announces the release of Drumset for Preschoolers: A Guide for Teachers/Parents of 2 to 6 Year-Olds. This book has been specially designed by drummer/teacher/inventor Andy Ziker to extend the life of the mini-drumset through a unique, fun, and easy teaching method.

Drumset for Preschoolers is compatible with all brands of junior drumkits and will also work with the plastic drum peripheral that comes with the Rock Band video game. The book uses a color-coded notation system and is accompanied by a page of colored identification stickers. The book also includes valuable information on the following:

• Drumset assembly instructions
• How to quiet down the drums
• Protecting the hearing of your little one
• Picking out drumsticks
• How to hold the sticks and use the pedals

Drumset for Preschoolers involves these early childhood, music, and drumming skills and concepts (and many more…).

• The Alphabet
• Counting
• Soft to loud
• Slow to fast
• How to read music notation
• Simple Rock Beats

Free supplemental video content will soon be available at www.prodrumshop.com and www.andyziker.com. These short clip will provide key insight for teachers and parents without musical training.

Drumset for Preschoolers is an amazing deal at $16.95. For more information, contact TRY Publishing at 323-469-6285 or [email protected] (or inquire at your local music store).… » Continue Reading


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Paul Collier at Vic’s Drum Shop!

Aquarian artist Paul Collier will be performing at the brand new Vic’s Drum Shop in IL on Sunday, December 18th. For more info: Vic’s Drum Shop

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