Gregg Potter with the Buddy Rich Big Band

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January 5, 2012 at 12:28 pm / Posted in: Artist News

NEW! The MANHASSET® Drummer Stand

Aquarian Artist Andy Ziker has designed a music stand specifically for the drummer and percussionist. It is extremely portable with a full desk and 16” chrome shaft that attaches via a multi-angle, multi-clamp to all varieties of drumset tom mount hardware. It’s now possible to place the music exactly where the drummer needs it–without taking floor space.

The Drummer Stand provides:

Drum Students – comfortable, efficient tool to improve their practice routine.

Drum Instructors – mechanism to upgrade their teaching studio environment.

Studio Drummers – perfect way to view drum charts.

Big Band Jazz Drummers – direct sightline to the conductor.

The Drummer Stand also attaches easily to other devices like microphone stands, providing the functionality of a full music stand while minimizing visual interference for the audience.

“I designed this stand out of necessity to help my students learn to read music. Little did I know how “cool” they would find it. It couldn’t work better.”

Andy Ziker – professional drummer, teacher, and author (Drum Aerobics and Daily Drum Warm-Ups)


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Coming soon from Roy Burns and Kendor Music!



Drumset book collaborations with Roy Burns:

1.  Solo Secrets Of The Left Hand And Bass Drum (February 2012)

Techniques of Roy and Buddy Rich explained.  Includes DVD of Roy’s last drumset clinic.

2.  Creative Drumset Workbook (April 2012)

Shows players how to create interesting drumset solos from written-out snare drum music.  12 snare dum solos, 18 drumset solos, plus warm-up studies.

3.  Relaxed Hand Technique (June 2012)

The most complete instructive book you will see to help you develop your optimal technique with speed, power, finesse, and total relaxation.» Continue Reading


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