Studio Clip from Larry Salzman

A nice little clip from a studio session that Aquarian Artist Larry Salzman was on.

A super sweet half time 16th note groove with a “When the Levee Breaks” kind of drum sound.



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Upcoming Mike Johnston/Sam Ash clinics!!


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More and More experts give Roy Burns’ New Book “Two Thumbs Up”!

John Ramsay – Percussion Chair at Berklee School of Music, Boston, MA

There is so much I could say about Roy Burns’ new book. Let me start by saying that in this “age of information” and with the sheer number of drum books available to students on the market today there is very little that you cannot find, whether it be Jazz, Rock, Funk, Brazilian Afro-Cuban or a whole host of other topics and styles. And many of them are pretty darn good! With all of this available one could ask, what possibly could there be written that hasn’t already been written about? And this is what’s remarkable about Roy’s book. Roy has really added something special to the whole world of percussion library that to my knowledge hasn’t existed until now. All drummers have dealt with the age old challenge of developing “the weaker hand.”

(If you are right handed of course that would be the left hand) and the weaker bass drum foot (at least for some of us) we spend countless hours and even a lifetime on trying to get the left hand to do the things that we can do with the right! And getting the bass drum to do what the hands can do!

Roy’s book is the first book that I have found that almost scientifically addresses this development of the left (weaker) hand. By challenging the left to play 3,4,5,6 and 7 or more consecutive strokes to every one right stroke, the left … » Continue Reading


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Jim Bogios reflects on Levon Helm.



Levon Helm was the best singing drummer in the world period.  He inspired me at a very young age to sing while playing drums.  The thing about Levon was that when he sang and played drums at the same time, neither suffered one bit. This is not an easy thing to do. He was such a soulful musician and person, with an unbelievable feel and musicality.

In my early days of playing drums with Sheryl Crow, I had the unlikely pleasure to play with Levon. He was very complimentary and encouraging. We were playing a few songs together for a TV show. It was Levon, Sheryl, James Taylor, and Steve Winwood. Levon was happy for me to play drums while he was on Mandolin. I have nothing against James Taylor, but the whole time while rehearsing, he kept trying to get Levon behind the drums. Levon was not having it, but Taylor just wouldn’t let it go.  Finally, in front of everyone Levon said, "I think my man Jim has it well taken care of back there." Discussion over! Needless to say as a young drummer, getting the thumbs up from one of my heroes made an impact on me from that day forward.

I always go back to the Last Waltz. You watch that movie with all these legendary players, and the one person that stands out is Levon Helm. He was a star amongst the stars!

Jim Bogios

(Singing Drummer for Counting Crows)» Continue Reading


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Aquarian artist/Blake Shelton drummer Tracy Broussard and RoadDawg Online at the ACM’s!


Tracy does the gear rundown!



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We proudly welcome John Wackerman to the Aquarian Family!



Part of the legendary Wackerman drum family, John is the Musical Director and drummer for Terry Fator in Las Vegas and hosts the annual Las Vegas Drum Festival. He has performed with artists ranging from Bunney Brunel to Lindsay Buckingham. John also released a Drum Duet CD and book featuring Steve Gadd, Peter, Erskine, Run Tutt, Clayton Cameron, Adrian Young, Steve Smith, Josh Freese, John Ferraro, Brooks Wackerman, Ricky Lawson, Chuck Wackerman, Marc Atkinson, Chad Wackerman, Alex Acuna, and Gary Novak.



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Nate Walker/LIT News!


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