Performance II Series™

  • performance II coated
  • perforamnce II with clear dot
  • performance 2 clear
Clear PF 6" thru 26" -
Texture Coated TCPF 6" thru 26" White
W/Power Dot TCPF 6" thru 26" -

Performance II™: A clear, two 7 mil ply head manufactured with Aquarian’s Vacuum Process™ which eliminates air bubbles and wrinkles between the two plies. Remember that big, fat, low tom tom sound you heard on the classic rock and roll records? The sound that you could never get on your own? Now you can! Performance II™ drumheads were designed for “loose” tuning to get the depth and punch with no “over-ring”. This drumhead is sealed around the edge to create that really deep sound on the tom toms.

Performance II™ Texture Coated: A deep sounding two 7 mil ply head featuring the durable Satin Finish™ texture coating.

Performance II™ with Power Dot™: A clear, two 7 mil ply drumhead that features our patented Power Dot™ on top for added durability.