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Cymbal Springs Medium CSM1 Red
Cymbal Springs Heavy CSH2 Yellow
Single Kick Pad KP1
Double Kick Pad DKP2
Port Hole White PHWHT White
Port Hole Black PHBK Black
Studio Rings SR SET#1 One Each 12", 13", 14", 16"
Studio Rings SR SET#2 One Each 10", 12", 14", 16"
Studio Rings SR SET#3 Six Each 14"
Studio Rings SR SET#4 Two Each 15"
Studio Rings SR SET#5 Two Each 18"
Studio Rings SR SET#6 Six Each 13"
Studio Rings SR SET#7 Six Each 10"
Studio Rings SR SET#8 Six Each 12"
Studio Rings SR SET#9 Six Each 16"
Studio Rings SR SET#10 One Each 10", 12", (2)14"
Studio Rings SR SET#11 Two Each 8"
Super-Thin Single Kick Pad STKP1
Super-Thin Double Kick Pad STKP2

Cymbal Springs™: These patented cymbal holders mount on any cymbal stand. The free movement of the Cymbal Spring™ helps to absorb impact to protect the edge and center hole of the cymbal. The medium spring, which is red, is recommended for crash cymbals 16" and larger. The yellow heavy spring is recommended for China cymbals and Ride cymbals 18" and larger.

Kick Pad™: These patented impact pads are made from a heavier version of Aquarian’s Power Dot™ material. Each pad is strong yet flexible so that it can move with the head. They help extend the life of the bass drumhead while helping to produce a punchy, focused sound. They are available in a single pedal or double pedal version.

Super-Thin Kick Pads™: All New Super-Thin Kick Pads™ provide durability while giving a more natural feel between the beater and the bass drumhead.

Port Holes™: An adhesive backed hole cutting template for front bass drumheads. Available in black or white with a 5" hole.

Studio Rings™: The one-inch width of each muffling ring achieves that great studio sound without choking the drum.