5B X-10 Concert F5BCN 16″
2B X-10 Rock F2BRK 16″
3A x-10 Funk F3AFK 16″
5A X-10 Combo F5ACB 16″
5A X-10 Combo w/Shock Grips F5ACB-G 16″
5B X-10 Concert w/Shock Grips F5BCN-G 16″
2B X-10 Rock w/Shock Grips F2BRK-G 16″
3A x-10 Funk w/Shock Grips F3AFK-G 16″
5A Lites L5A 16″
5B Lites L5B 16″
2B Lites L2B 16″
3A Lites L3A 16″
5A Lites w/Shock Grips L5A-G 16″
5B Lites w/Shock Grips L5B-G 16″
2B Lites w/Shock Grips L2B-G 16″
3A Lites w/Shock Grips L3A-G 16″


Graphite Stick Series™: The patented Formula X-10™ sticks are the result of extensive research, advanced design and high technology materials. The unique formula of Nylon, Graphite and other materials offer benefits to the drummer never before possible. These benefits include greater durability, no warping, consistent weight and superior feel. The Lites™ are a moderately priced version of the X-10’s offering many of the same features. Both versions are available with Aquarian’s red Shock-Grips, which protect the drummers hands against vibration and fatigue.
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