Since 1980, Aquarian co-owners, Roy Burns and Ron Marquez have been inventing, innovating and exploring new sounds and tools for the serious drummer.

Roy’s experience as a sought after author, teacher, artist-clinician and studio musician has brought a unique perspective to designing percussion products that are practical, professional and authentic. Ron’s experience with new, innovative manufacturing techniques and materials has led to a number of design patents that make Aquarian’s head designs stand above the competition.
To this day, we at Aquarian continue to invent, innovate and explore cutting-edge technologies for the creative drummer, but our unceasing passion is about the sound of the drum.

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All drum sound is created by moving air. Pitch, tone, and character of the sound all start when the drumhead gets set in motion.

A quality drum sound always starts with a quality drumhead.

The design of the head, the integrity of the hoop, the acoustic properties of the drumhead film and the quality of the manufacturing will all be determining factors in getting the best sound from a drum.

A great drum kit will not sound good with inferior drumheads. However, a starter drum kit can sound fantastic with great drumheads.

But what about a great drum kit, with GREAT drumheads like the Aquarian Superkick or Modern Vintage II? It will sound AMAZING!

Our commitment is to making sure that your drums sound better than the day when you first bought them, and that all AQUARIAN drummers will fall in love with the sound of their drums!

Aquarian is the little company with BIG ideas and real drumhead innovation. 

Looking for an amazing drum sound? We are here to help!

Sound Curve

An Aquarian exclusive! The Sound Curve Collar introduced the world to ” wrinkle free” drumheads back in 1987. By allowing the bearing edge of the drum to find it’s own spot, Aquarian heads tune up fast and easy… every time!


All of Aquarian’s heads use our proprietary Nu-Brite™ drumhead film. This responsive new material opens up the tone of the drum with increased attack and resonance, resulting in more projection and focused pitch.


Incorporated into all Aquarian heads is a  patented Safe-T-Lock hoop that eliminates slippage. The Triple Locking System makes it virtually impossible for a head to pullout or pucker, resulting in more consistent tuning with an increase in resonance.

Vacuum Molding Process

Exclusive Vacuum Molding Process eliminates “tone-killing” air pockets and dead spots that plague other manufacturers two ply heads by removing air caught between the plies. The result is a warmer and more resonant multi-ply drum sound.


Classic Rock

Snare Drums

Batter Head = Hi-Velocity
A two ply head with reverse dot designed for durability and a powerful sound.
Resonant Head = Classic Clear Snare Side
Our most resonant and popular snare side drumhead.

Tom Toms

Batter Head = Performance II
Designed for “loose” tuning and a deep, punchy sound with very little “after-ring.” Lots of depth!
Resonant Head = Classic Clear
Our most popular bottom tom tom head.

Bass Drums

Batter Head = Super Kick II
A patented two ply head with a focused, forceful sound and floating muffling ring. Very durable when used with Aquarian’s Kick Pads.
Resonant Head = Regulator with small hole
Our most popular patented audience side head. No muffling needed with this popular combination of heads.

Hard Rock

Snare Drums

Batter Head = Hi-Energy™, Hi-Impact™ or Triple Threat™
Resonant Head = Hi-Performance Snare Side Head
A thin weight(3mil) snare side drumhead with a special material at each end of the head where the snare wires rest. This helps to prevent punctures due to broken snare wires.

Tom Toms

Batter Head = Force Ten
A two ply head with more attack, depth and durability than conventional two ply tom tom heads. Has a shorter sustain time.
Resonant Head = Classic Clear
Our most popular bottom tom tom head.

Bass Drums

Batter Head = Force I
A single ply head with special “vented” muffling ring. A very loud, powerful and punchy sound that really projects. Patent pending.
Resonant Head = Force II
A single ply head with special “vented” muffling ring. May be used with or without a hole. Available in black or white. Our most aggressive combination. Patent pending.

Pop & Mainstream

Snare Drums

Batter Head = Texture Coated with Power Dot™ underneath or Texture Coated Response II
Resonant Head = Classic Clear Snare Side
Our most resonant and popular snare side drumhead

Tom Toms

Batter Head = Response-2
A two ply head for moderately hard playing. Full sound, great attack and consistent tone from drum to drum.
Resonant Head = Classic Clear
Our most popular bottom tom tom head.

Bass Drums

Batter Head = Superkick 10
A Superkick that features two plies of 10mil drumhead film for extra strength, extra depth and an “intense” attack!
Resonant Head = Regulator Small Hole
These 10 mil single ply resonant bass drumheads feature Aquarian’s patented “Floating Muffling System.” They are perfect companions for the Super-Kick™ Series heads.


Snare Drums

Batter Head = Modern Vintage or Jack DeJohnette
A warm sounding head very much like calf skin. Great for brushes and sticks. Jack DeJohnette’s head is excellent for jazz and fusion with a defined and full attack.
Resonant Head = Classic Clear Snare Side
Our most resonant and popular snare side drumhead.

Tom Toms

Batter Head = Modern Vintage or Jack DeJohnette
Both heads are full, responsive and articulate. Vintage heads are a little mellow. DeJohnette heads have more attack.
Resonant Head = Classic Clear
Our most popular bottom tom tom head.

Bass Drums

Batter Head = Modern Vintage with Felt Strip
A felt strip mounted on the head for that great traditional sound. Can be used on both batter and audience side. Jack DeJonette drumheads can be used for that open jazz sound.
Resonant Head = Modern Vintage or Jack DeJohnette
Modern Vintage for an open more contemporary sound. Jack DeJohnette for a wide-open sound.

Choosing the right drumhead for you…
A drumhead’s performance is only as good as the quality of materials, the craftsmanship, and the knowledge and design considerations that are used in the manufacturing process.

It starts with the materials…
All Aquarian heads use proprietary manufacturing materials designed for maximum performance and tone quality.

Aquarian drumheads are made from 3mil, 5mil, 7mil and 10mil thick Nu-Brite resonant drumhead film. We choose the weights and combinations of weights that are best suited for the tuning and the performances demands of the specific model drumhead.

The thickness of the drumhead material effects how fast the head will vibrate. The thinner the material, the faster it vibrates, producing higher frequencies and more overtones. The thicker material results in a slower vibrating head with lower frequencies, fewer overtones and less sustain.

But the material needs to be secure, free of worries of pulling or slipping inside the hoop. Aquarian incorporates a Triple Locking System into its patented SAFE-T-LOCK HOOP that holds the material in place and eliminates wrinkles. Our sound curve design ensures accurate tuning at every lug and improves the performance of any drum, regardless of the design or condition of the bearing edge.

Tap Test – View More Here


Single or Multi-ply construction?
In addition to weight or material thickness, the number of plies used to make the head will affect the response and timbre. Adding plies to a head adds more mass that results in fewer overtones and adds durability. Aquarian heads come in 1, 2 and exclusive 3-Ply models.

Traditionally, a single ply head is more responsive- not only because of the resulting thickness, but because most traditional, multi-ply heads can work against themselves. Air trapped between the plies can reduce vibration, resulting in “dead spots,” or an unintended muted performance. This can occur due to conventional two-ply head design, how a head fits a drum, or simply because of poor head ply construction.

Aquarian uses an exclusive VACUUM MOULDING PROCESS that eliminates the traditional woes that are inherent in many multi-ply heads. Aquarian plies lie flat against each other and add warmth and tone rather than a ’flat and floppy” effect to the drum sound. Aquarian multi-ply heads are full of tone and stick response and perform and feel much like a single ply head, but with the fullness of adding more mass.

This unique process has allowed Aquarian to introduce thicker heads like a 2×10 mil FORCE TEN and DEEP VINTAGE II tom heads and the first “3 Ply” head: the Triple Threat Snare Drum Batter! The added durability, projection and focused tone are welcome additions for many heavy hitters.

Ply Configuration – View More Here


Finishes and Coatings…

The Aquarian exclusive finishes not only add color and cosmetic elements, our coatings also color the sound with character and added durability

Texture Finishes
Available in black and white. Aquarian’s proprietary texture coating (TC) adds durability and focus to the head.

Brings a classic look, warmer sound, softer attack and enhanced brush texture to a variety of Vintage drumhead models

Gloss Finish
Classic Clear Black or White-

Finished on the inside with opaque black or white tinting for a clean, dramatic appearance and open sound.

Classic Clear- (CC) for clarity, brightness of attack and resonance on both batter and resonance heads.

Resonance Control and Performance Modifiers…
Fine-tuning the performance of the drum sound by modifying the resonance of the head is possible with built in muffle designs and tone control rings. The modifications can add depth and warmth or eliminate an overpowering or unwanted overtone ring. These design features can be used to bring control to an unruly drum or when you want just change the character of the tone color.

One of the most desirable and in-demand bass drum heads ever made is the Aquarian Super Kick Series of bass drumheads. It incorporates a floating sound control muffling system that eliminates some of the overtones without drastically muting the head. The result is a big, resonant bass drum sound that is controlled and doesn’t get in the way.

Another modification is the addition of sound rings around the perimeter of the head. The rings add mass at the point where they are attached. The ring cuts out some of the high frequencies and adds mass resulting in a lower, more focused tone from any tom or snare drum. The Studio X series of heads are a very popular selection when you need to make an unruly drum musical and focused.

Aquarian’s also offers a specialized “focus” ring construction with vents to allow heads to open up and the close down for both tone AND control. This is available of “FOCUS X Tom and Snare Drum heads and FORCE 1 and 2 Bass drum Heads,

“Power Dots” add durability and definition.

Made from a proprietary material, Aquarian Power Dot added to the top of the drum helps protect from heavy hits and tears. A dot placed underneath the head can “dry-out” the attack, adding more definition to backbeats and articulate passages. A “Power Dot” on a Bass Drum adds durability and protection from a bass drum beater.

Proprietary material usage like Aquarian’s Hi-Energy “POWERDOT” material covering an entire drumhead surface makes a drum nearly indestructible (or at least last longer!)

Your Drums-Your Sound- Our Innovation!
With the numerous combinations of these design features, ANY drummer can find ANY sound that suits their drums, their sound and their personality. Moreover, with over 900 quality drumheads in our catalog, we know that you will find the perfect head to compliment your kit and help you define your drum sound and make it your own!

Check out the individual models listed in our online catalog for more details.

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