full force series
Clear FB 16″ thru 28″
Texture Coated TCFB 16″ thru 28″ White
Video Gloss Black FR 16″ thru 28″ Black
Video Gloss White FR 16″ thru 28″ White

Force I™ : A clear, 10 mil single ply, medium weight bass drumhead. The Full Force™ drumheads feature an acoustically “vented” muffling ring that is tucked into the hoop on the underneath side of the head. The muffling ring has special “tone holes” that allow the ring to move and resonate with the head. This head has a powerful attack with outstanding projection. A free Kick Pad™ is included.

Force I™ Texture Coated: The Satin Finish™ texture coating produces a warmer attack while maintaining superior projection. A free Kick Pad™ is included.

Force II™ in Video Gloss colors: Resonant bass drumheads that feature the same “vented” muffling ring as the Force I™ heads. Available in Gloss Black or White. A free Port Hole™ is included. This gives the drummer the option of placing the hole where desired. A 10 mil ply construction.

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