Regulator Series

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Full Head Black RF 16″ thru 28″ Black
7” Hole Black RPT 18″ thru 28″ Black
4 3/4″ Hole Black RSM 16″ thru 28″ Black
Full Head White RF 16″ thru 28″ White
7″ Hole White RPT 18″ thru 28″ White
4 3/4″ Off Set Hole White RSM 16″ thru 28″ White

Regulator™ Series: These 10 mil single ply resonant bass drumheads feature Aquarian’s patented “Floating Muffling System.” They are perfect companions for the Super-Kick™ and Impact™ series batter heads. The Regulator™ heads are available in Gloss Black or White. They are available with a large 7″ hole in the center, a 4 3/4″ hole off set, or a full head with no hole.
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