Best of all worlds…
True hybrid drum triggering and DIY electro-acoustic solutions that will power up your drum kit.

Aquarian is committed to helping you find your digital drumming voice by producing the most innovative and dependable drum triggering tools available.

The patented and patent pending line of inHEAD and onHEAD electro-acoustic hybrid triggering solutions deliver the best of all worlds: great sounding acoustic drums, combined with the power and control that comes from adding high performance, FSR embedded triggering to your existing acoustic drum and percussion setups.


On the stage… In the Studio… In your home. We bring versatility to your setup.

electro acoustic inhead

Acoustic…   Electro-Acoustic…   Electronic…
Aquarian quickly transforms your drums into versatile and expressive digital triggering drum surfaces.

Aquarian’s DIY Electro-Acoustic trigger solutions allow any drummer or percussionist the ability to truly meld the acoustic and digital worlds with reliable FSR trigger performance wherever it is needed.


FSR – Force Sensing Resistor

A type of electrical circuit that responds to pressure or touch. Aquarian embeds this FSR technology into a multi-ply drumhead that is activated when pressure is applied to the actual drumhead surface.

Finger Tip Sensitivity

With our Patented FSR Drumhead technology, Aquarian’s electro-acoustic inHEAD trigger solutions achieve a level of sensitivity, accuracy and feel that is unmatched by industry competitors.

Wide Dynamic Range

Greater dynamics mean more expressive digital drumming performance. The ability to increase low end sensitivity and higher trigger ceilings helps to create an even wider range of dynamics than conventional triggers.

No Crosstalk

Aquarian’s Force Sensing Response is not affected by sympathetic vibration or errant low end frequencies. This makes it the perfect triggering tool for hi volume professional live performance applications or when plagued by annoying trigger misfiring or double triggers



Our inHEAD and onHEAD triggering products make it easy to:

Blend electronic sounds and samples with real acoustic drums to create new hybrid sounds and performances that are uniquely your own.

Record live drum tracks and trigger accurate digital performances simultaneously without the need for extensive editing.

Reinforce your acoustic drum sound and take control of your volume. Add expressive new tone colors to your live performance.

Transform your traditional acoustic drum set into a totally custom, high-performance professional electronic drum pad kit

Save money and eliminate costly mounting hardware and need for a separate electronic drum kit.

We give you the triggering tools … You add your own digital sounds.


Aquarian helps you expand your voice by using your drums and our triggering innovations

 Unleash your Creativity…

Combined with your drums, your hardware, and the electronic drum module that you already own, Aquarian’s inHEAD and onHEAD drumhead trigger surfaces let you create a truly cost effective electronic drum setup. Whether adding one digital voice to your current acoustic set or creating an entire electronic pad setup, we have the tools for accurate triggering performance.

The secret is in the head…

Aquarian, along with technology partner, Miditronix, have put years of research into understanding how to combine the best sounding acoustic drum head design technology with accurate and trouble free digital triggering. The result is a line of patented, professional FSR and conventional triggering products that are adaptable, reliable and easy to use.


fsr-whiteThe FSR Advantage for Electro- Acoustic triggering

Conventional acoustic drum triggers only react to vibration and are susceptible to sympathetic mis-firing or crosstalk. The inHEAD will only trigger when it senses it is being touched or played on by drumsticks, mallets, brushes or fingers. Aquarian’s proprietary Nu-brite head material adds both durability and acoustic warmth.

Finger Tip Sensitivity – Wide Dynamic range – Not affected by sympathetic Vibration or “crosstalk” – Easy to use – Great, resonant acoustic drum sound with flawless, easy to use triggering

rolandJust Add YOUR OWN SOUNDS!

Aquarian’s professional triggering tools can be plugged into most manufacturers drum sound modules and triggering interfaces and easily integrates into any existing acoustic or electronic percussion setup. Refer to individual product descriptions for compatibility and recommended settings.

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