Kick&Snare pack 14IHPK inHEAD 14″ Blue


Aquarian’s  inHEAD Kick&Snare Electro-Acoustic Trigger Bundle

The Aquarian inHEAD Kick&Snare Electro-Acoustic Bundle pack will help you create your Hybrid “GROOVE” with all the tools you need to bring a new level of creative potential to the heart of the acoustic drum kit; the KICK & SNARE!

Aquarian’s KICK & SNARE Electro-Acoustic Trigger bundle pack features a 14” Three-ply FSR inHEAD; the world’s most advanced acoustic hybrid drum trigger.

Included along with the 14” inHEAD is the inBOX; a combination signal booster, trigger conditioner and inHEAD power supply. The inBOX, when used with the inHEAD improves the performance of most popular drum trigger modules and features an input for the included rimSHOT rim trigger sensor.

The rimSHOT rim trigger sensor is designed to complement the inHEAD, and together they makeup a complete snare drum triggering solution with a true head to rim relationship. The combination of the inHEAD, the inBOX and the rimSHOT make for the most accurate and advanced snare drum triggering available and allows for fingertip sensitivity, a wider dynamic range and virtually no crosstalk.

Also included in this professional kick& snare triggering bundle is the kickZONE: an easy to use and reliable bass drum trigger that works off the vibration of the bass drum head. An easy to understand triggering setup guide and is Stereo cable splitter is included.

Aquarian’s Electro-Acoustic line of products are designed for professional performance and ease of use.

• 14” FSR inHEAD Electro-Acoustic hybrid drumhead

• InBOX trigger signal booster and conditioner

• RimSHOT companion rim trigger

• KickZONE bass drum trigger

• 2X adapter signal splitter allows for two zone snare drum triggering

• Electro–Acoustic users guide to accurate triggering

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