inHEAD INH10 10″ White
inHEAD INH12 12″ White
inHEAD INH13 13″ White
inHEAD INH14 14″ White
inHEAD INH16 16″ White
inHEAD Snare INH14SN 14″ White


Looking for true Electro–Acoustic Hybrid drum triggering? 
No need to trigger your drumhead… the HEAD IS the trigger!

You have never been able to be this creative with an acoustic drum until now: great sounding acoustic drum heads, with the added dimension of flawless electro-acoustic triggering built right in.
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The secret to accurate acoustic drum triggering is IN these Aquarian Electro-Acoustic hybrid drumheads. The Aquarian inHEAD™embeds FSR sensing technology into a patented, multi-ply drumhead that will trigger when pressure is applied to the playing surface.

This innovative, patented FSR inHEAD™ technology breathes new life into your acoustic drums by allowing the drum and head to vibrate naturally, producing a full and resonant acoustic drum tone while electronically sensing even the slightest stroke of a drumstick and delivering clean and accurate trigger impulses to your electronic drum module.

The inHEAD™ will only trigger when it senses it is being touched or played on by drumsticks, mallets, brushes or fingers. Not affected by vibration, the inHEAD™ improves the performance of your electronic drum module. Aquarian calls it “Force Sensing Response!” Aquarian’s proprietary NuBrite™ drumhead film adds durability, resonance and tonal warmth to the acoustic drum sound.

The 14” three-ply inHEAD heavy duty snare drum model is made for durability.

The two-ply tom heads are lighter in weight and are made to resonate freely. Now available in 10,”12,”13,”14” and 16” sizes for use on both snares and toms.

•  The FSR Sensors embedded in the head require power from either an Aquarian inBOX or an FSR enabled trigger interface like the Alternate Mode DITI.

•  Great studio sounding acoustic 2 and 3-Ply drumhead design

•  Advanced FSR technology embedded in the head

•  Less trigger adjustments can speed up interface trigger response

•  Finger Tip Sensitivity

•  Wider Dynamic Range

•  Not affected by crosstalk or double triggering

•  Easy to use

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