onHEAD OHP10 10″ White
onHEAD OHP12 12″ White
onHEAD OHP13 13″ White
onHEAD OHP14 14″ White
onHEAD OHP16 16″ White
onHEAD Bundle OHP10B 10″ White
onHEAD Bundle OHP12B 12″ White
onHEAD Bundle OHP13B 13″ White
onHEAD Bundle OHP14B 14″ White
onHEAD Bundle OHP16B 16″ White
onHEAD EBD Bass OHP18 18″ Black
onHEAD EBD Bass OHP20 20″ Black
onHEAD EBD Bass OHP22 22″ Black
onHEAD EBD Bass OHP24 24″ Black


Place it anywhere you need a powerful and expressive electronic drum pad

Aquarian gives you the tools you need to create your own DIY custom electronic drum pad setup

Portable and powered by the most-advanced triggering technology available, exclusive onHEAD FSR technologies developed by Aquarian and MIDItronix deliver accurate and dynamic drumstick response without some of the common triggering problems associated with conventional electronic drum pads.
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What you want…Where you want…The way you want!

Drop on DrumDrop on a Drum
Turn your acoustic drum into an expressive and powerful electronic drum pad. Simply place the onHEAD and the Aquarian inBOX on any acoustic drum and plug into your electronic drum module*. No modification of your drum or additional hardware needed. Change from an acoustic drum to electronic drum pad in seconds. The best of both worlds!

onhead5Place on any flat surface
Use the onHEAD whenever you need an accurate and dynamic electronic drum performance. Experience professional quality electronic drum sensitivity and expression right from the top of your desk. Connect to a trigger interface and incorporate this Portable Electronic Drumsurface into your computer recording setup. No stands or hardware needed.

createyourowndrumCreate a custom trigger pad
The onHEAD is the ultimate DIY Electronic Drum tool!

Combined with standard drum hardware, ** the onHEAD becomes a custom mounted E-Pad. Design your own professional electronic drum set to fit your needs and your budget. The low profile design makes it easy to incorporate into any kit. The FSR playing surface eliminates crosstalk and unwanted triggering.

holditHold it in your hand
Use the lightweight onHEAD PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DRUMSURFACE to create NEW live performance electronic percussion instruments. The nu-bounce playing surface gives your sticks a natural feel and response, while the FSR triggering senses every stroke with unparalleled dynamics and fingertip sensitivity. Be creative! “More ‘E’ Cowbell!”

The onHEAD PED makes it easy for you to be creative and expressive with your electronic drum setup. Just plug it in and play!

UNLEASH your drumming creativity!

Available in 10”,12”,13,14” and 16” sizes.

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