rimSHOT RS1 N/A White


The rimSHOT rim trigger is made to compliment the inHEAD, and when combined, the two deliver a complete snare drum triggering solution with a true head to rim relationship.
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The isolated mounting design of the rimSHOT conveniently clamps on to any drum hoop and reduces crosstalk and miss-firing. The rimSHOT can be used by itself and is a cost effective way of adding electronics to your acoustic drum set.

The rimSHOT works with conventional vibration trigger technology. No inBOX is required. It can be plugged directly into any trigger interface or drum sound module with any optional ¼” adaptor or ¼ headphone extension cable.

Creative use of the rimSHOT allows for triggering more than just drum rims.

• isolated drum hoop mounting system

• made to compliment the inHEAD electro Acoustic drumhead

• made to plug directly into the inBOX

• can plug directly into any drum trigger module with optional adapter

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