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Hi-Frequency Series™

Hi-Frequency Series™
Clear HF 6" thru 28"
Texture Coated TCHF 6" thru 28" White
Video Gloss Black HF(size)BK 6" thru 28" Black
Video Gloss White HF(size)W 6" thru 28" White

Hi-Frequency™: A clear, 7 mil single ply, thin weight head. It produces a sensitive, bright response when used as a resonant head for the bottom of tom toms.

Hi-Frequency™ Texture Coated: A coated, 7 mil single ply, thin weight drumhead. Perfectly suited for light, sensitive playing.

Hi-Frequency™ in Video Gloss colors: A 7 mil single ply, thin weight drumhead available in glossy white or black. Ideal for the resonant side of the tom toms when a striking visual look is desired.