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Studio-X Series™

Studio-X Series™
Clear SX 6" thru 28"
Texture Coated TCSX 6" thru 28"
w/Power Dot SXPD 6" thru 28"
Texture Coated w/Power Dot underneath TCSXPD 6" thru 18"

Studio-X™: A clear, 10 mil single ply, medium weight drumhead with a light weight muffle ring adhered to the underside. This helps to eliminate some unwanted high frequencies while still maintaining a warm open sound.

Studio-X™ Texture Coated: A coated, 10 mil single ply, Studio-X™ drumhead. Our Satin Finish™ texture coating gives the drumhead a firm attack and extra warmth.

Studio-X™ with Power Dot™: A clear, 10 mil single ply Studio-X™ head that features our special Power Dot™ on top. The Power Dot™ provides extra support in the center of the head and does not radically change the tonal characteristics of the drumhead.

Studio-X™ Texture Coated with Power Dot™: This coated Studio-X™ version features Aquarian’s patented Power Dot™ on the underside of the drumhead for added strength and durability. A 10 mil ply construction.