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Super-2 Series™

Super-2 Series™
Clear S2 6" thru 18"
Texture Coated TCS2 6" thru 18" White
Clear w/Power Dot PDS2 6" thru 18"
Clear w/Studio-X Ring MRS2 6" thru 18"

Super-2™ Drumheads "A New Kind Of Two Ply Head": They have great attack, projection and depth unlike any other drumheads. The patented Safe-T-Loc hoop prevents the head from slipping and the Sound Curve collar design provides "Responsive Tuning." With Responsive Tuning, one turn of the drum key and Super-2™ heads react. Made with a 7 mil ply and 5 mil ply configuration.

Clear: Wet attack, lots of bottom end and depth.

Coated: Mellow, warm full sound.

Clear With Power Dot: Focused, deep and solid.

Clear With Studio-X Ring: Focused, warm and punchy.