Response 2 Series™

  • Response 2 Clear
  • responsoe 2 coated
Clear RSP2 6" thru 26"
Texture Coated TCRSP2 6" thru 26" White
W/Power Dot RSP2-PD 6" thru 26" -
Texture Coated Black TCRSP2(size)BK 6" thru 26" Black

Response 2™: A clear, two 7 mil ply head manufactured with Aquarian’s Vacuum Process™ which eliminates air bubbles and wrinkles between the two plies. Full sound, great attack and consistent tone from drum to drum.

Response 2™ Texture Coated: A two 7 mil ply head featuring the durable Satin Finish™ texture coating.

Response 2™ with Power Dot™: A clear, two 7 mil ply drumhead that features Aquarian’s patented Power Dot™ on top for added durability.

Response 2™ Texture Coated Black: New Z-100 Black Coating from Aquarian is now available on Response-2 tom heads. Same durability, resonance and projection as the white Z-100 coating. Best of all, the new black Z-100 coating is the same price as the Z-100 white!