Specialty Snare Drumheads

  • hi-energy new orleans special
  • coated reverse power concert 5

Hi-Energy™: A clear, 10 mil single ply drumhead with an extremely thin layer of Power Dot™ material "bonded" to the entire surface of the head. It is reinforced in the center with a small Power Dot™. Designed for heavy hitters who want a powerful sound and a lot of durability.

New Orleans Special™: A clear, 10 mil single ply, medium weight drumhead with a thin layer of Power Dot™ material on top. It has just the right amount of sustain for second line drumming, blues and southern funk. A very durable yet sensitive drumhead.

Texture Coated with Power Dot™: A coated, 10 mil single ply, medium weight drumhead that features Aquarian’s durable Satin Finish™ texture coating. The Power Dot™ is adhered to the underneath side of the head. This is one of the best all around snare drumheads ever designed. Full sound, sensitivity and durability make it suitable for a wide variety of musical styles.

Concert 5™: A coated, 5mil ply drumhead designed for symphonic and light snare drum playing. The Concert 5 produces a sensitive, articulate sound and response. Available in black or white.

Texture Coated w/Power Dot underneath TCPD 12" thru 15" White
New Orleans NOS 13"thru 14" -
Hi-Energy HE 12" thru 15" -
Concert 5 CT 12" thru 14" White or Black