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    Sound Curve™

    With Aquarian’s “Sound Curve”™ collar design, the bearing edge finds its own spot in the curve. No wrinkles even with loose tuning. Aquarian drumheads tune fast and easy…every time!


    safetlockDue to constant vibration, conventional drumheads all have some degree of slippage inside the hoop, which results in de-tuning and lack of resonance and response.

  • Triple Locking System™

    Aquarian’s unique “Triple Locking System”™ provides drummers with previously unheard of advantages in resonance and playability. 1. Holes are punched in the bottom of a “U” shaped channel which has been formed in the drumhead. These holes allow the epoxy to flow into the “Safe-T-Loc” channel.soundchannel

    2. The “T-Ribs” that form the “Safe-T-Loc”™ channel prevent the epoxy and the drumhead, from slipping and pulling away from the hoop. 3. The “Locking Shoulder” acts as a “stop” to ensure the correct collar height for the drumhead.

    The new “Safe-T-Loc”™ hoop along with Aquarian’s “Sound Curve” collar design provides easy tuning, great stick response, zero slippage inside the hoop, consistent sound, increased resonance and sensitivity, and the sound that drummers need and deserve.


AQUARIAN endorsers are saying that our new drumheads with NU- BriteTM film are the best heads they have ever played. The heads have more attack, faster response, better tone and greater projection. Nu- BriteTM is a winner with drummers who want the best.


Coating does not chip off. It outlasts all others. Extremely thin, it provides a more responsive surface for brushes and sticks.

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