TaptestThe Tap Test

The Tap Test™ confirms that the collar height is even all around the head. Tuning is fast and easy because you don’t have to spend extra time compensating for an uneven head. It also demonstrates that the head is level within the hoop. This also makes tuning easier. The Tap Test™ is the only way to test a drumhead before it goes on the drum. It means that you have a way, at last, to test for tone quality and consistency in drumheads.

Ply Configuration

7 mil Single Ply Heads

  • Hi-Frequency Series
  • American Vintage Thin
  • Modern Vintage Thin

10 mil Single Ply Heads

  • Classic Clear Series
  • Studio-X Series
  • Focus-X Series
  • Jack DeJohnette
  • New Orleans Special
  • Hi-Energy
  • Modern Vintage Medium
  • American Vintage Medium
  • Force I and II Bass Heads
  • Superkick I and Superkick III Bass Heads
  • Impact I and Impact III Bass Heads
  • Regulator Resonant Bass Heads

(2) 10 mil Double Ply Heads

  • Hi-Impact
  • Force 10
  • Superkick 10

(2) 7 mil Double Ply Heads

  • Response 2 Series
  • Performance 2 Series
  • Hi-Velocity
  • Super-Kick II
  • Impact II

(3) 7 mil Triple Ply Heads

  • Triple Threat

7 mil + 5 mil Double Ply Heads

  • Super-2 Series

3 mil Single Ply Heads

  • Classic Clear Snare Side
  • Hi-Performance Snare Side
  • American Vintage Snare Side

5 mil Single Ply Heads

  • Marching Snare Side MSN
  • Concert 5
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