We are proud to announce that Steve Schaeffer has joined the Aquarian artist family!

Steve Schaeffer press

Steve Schaeffer is one of the most highly regarded and prominent Hollywood recording musicians who has played on 1000 feature films and Sound Tracks including:

Jerry Goldsmith, (“LA Confidential”), (“Airforce One”), (“The Edge”), (“Along came a Spider”), (“Star Trek” “Nemesis”) (“Looney Tunes: Back in Action”).
John Williams, (“Indiana Jones”), (“Close Encounters”), (“Amistad”), (“Catch Me If You Can”), (“War of the Worlds”).
Howard Shore, (“Big”), (“Mrs. Doubtfire”), (“Seven”), (“The Truth about Cats and Dogs”), (“The Panic Room”), (“The Score”).
Alan Silvestri (“Bodyguard”), (“Forest Gump”), (“Mouse Hunt”), (“What Lies Beneath”), (“What Women Want”) and (“Castaway”), (“the Mexican”) (“Polar Express”).
David Newman, (“Anastasia”), and (“Bowfinger”), (“Galaxy Quest”), (“Ice Age”), (“How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days”), (“Serenity”).
James Newton Howard, (“The Fugitive”), (“Outbreak”), (“Space Jam”), (“King Kong”)
Babyface (“Waiting to Exhale”).
Michael Giacchino, (“The Incredibles”).
Randy Newman (“Meet the Fockers”), (“Pleasantville”), (“Monsters Inc”), both (“Toy Stories”), (“Cars”) and on many other films with Bill Conti, Dave Grusin, Patrick Williams, and Henry Mancini.

Steve has also been featured on hundreds of television Shows, Dozens of Gold and Platinum records ranging from Barbra Steisand’s Broadway albums both 1 & 2 and Toots Thielmans “Brazil 2”, to GRP recordings with Diane Shurr and Stan Getz (“Timeless”) and Harry Connick Jr., Steve has also played more than 12 Grammy Award Shows and Academy Awards Shows.
Welcome to Aquarian Steve!