Evick and Bret Michael’s drummer Chuck Fanslau is on the new Evick digital release titled “Reflections”.



Five years later…”Reflections”, the lost EVICK album sees the light of day.

  For 10 years, Pete Evick and his band have been on a grueling schedule of touring, touring, and more touring. As is common in the music industry, a life on the road sometimes restricts a band’s ability to sit down and finish a full length album. EVICK’s second release “Sunset to Sunset” was simply a five song EP that was supposed to satiate their loyal fan base until the touring stopped and they could produce a full-length album. Well, as luck would have it, the touring didn’t stop as their success grew into ten fold when they became Bret Michaels’ solo band. There couldn’t have been better timing for a bunch of road dogs who were at home being on tour. It was at that crucial moment that Michaels went from being Poison’s front man, to the ROCK OF LOVE,CELEBRITY APPRENTICE star and all around lovable Bad Boy that he’s known for being today, taking EVICK on a non-stop roller coaster of reality TV, rock ‘n roll, and more relentless touring for the next five years.

  EVICK’s loyal fan base have had to subsist only upon demo and leaked versions of what was rumored to be long-promised third release from the band. The constant touring, however, wasn’t the only thing that caused delays. The sudden loss of all of the raw tracks due to a massive technological failure brought the already delayed project to a halt. Guitar player Brad Puckett’s subsequent decision to leave the band also fundamentally altered the EVICK sound. Each attempt to capture the magic of the previously-completed work seemed to fall short of the raw emotion and energy that had alreay been captured. Finally, Pete, Chuck Fanslau, “Dirty” Ray Sheuring, and Rob Jozwiak reconvened to once and for all resurrect these tracks from the grave. As expected, the songs still feel very special to the band. Tracks like “Reflection” capture a very raw emotional battle about Pete losing himself to the constant battle of the music business and still finding his way back to the innocence of playing music for the love of music. A song like “Prom Queen” is a real stretch away from Pete’s normal songwriting, lyrically going the opposite direction of the heartfelt storyteller to introducing an element of humor and wit seen in longtime favorite influences such BOWLING FOR SOUP.

    With all of these things weighing heavily on his heart, the award-winning producer in Pete Evick couldn’t stand the idea of just releasing the 5 demos as-is…but eventually the music fan in him won the battle. The band has decided to release the long-lost five tracks that are only heard at the now-rare live EVICK shows. Much like some of the songs on historic albums like ALANIS MORISSETTE’s “Jagged Little Pill”, sonic fidelity is sacrificed for the raw magic sometimes only captured during the demo recording stage. It was this way of thinking that led EVICK to go move forward with the release of this record, entitled “Reflections”.

  Now the long five-year wait is over! EVICK’s third release “Reflections” will finally be available on POTOMAC RECORDS on February 22, 2011. (Digital Release Only)

    More Important and exciting is that Pete Evick, through his record label and with his band has committed to making an impact in the world of charitable donations, By using first week sales on his own and every other Potomac Records release to donate to charities that are close to his heart and local community. Teamed with TV personality and super model Leeann Tweeden, as well as life long friends Sara Rodriguez, Ed York, and Shawn Key, Evick’s 3rd Release “Reflections” will be supporting, promoting and donating to 4 incredible charities. Please go to www.potomacrecords.com to read about all the details.