CURRENTLY ON IMC: Danny Seraphine. On this episode of Inside MusiCast, they will take you inside the world of musician, composer, arranger, author and founding member of Chicago and the California Transit Authority, Danny Seraphine. Danny’s career has spanned nearly five decades and he’s considered one of the greatest drummers in the rock and pop era. His jazz-rock drumming style was a prominent piece of the Chicago sound for 23 years until his departure in 1990. Danny left music behind him for a 15-year period until he was pulled out of seclusion in 2005 to play a benefit gig. That was the spark that led him back into the music scene and to the creation of his new band, CTA – California Transit Authority – whose new album “Sacred Ground” was released in April 2013. Danny was also inspired to release a book, “Street Player – My Chicago Story”, which helped him make peace with his past and reflect on his tenure with Chicago. Inside MusiCast welcomes Danny Seraphine.

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