Happy Mayo De Cinco Cinco Cinco. That’s right, it’s May 5-5-15 and the full video of Marc Atkinson playing Five-Five-Five is up for your viewing pleasure. This tune has always been one of my favorites off of Zappa’s “Shut Up ‘N Play Yer Guitar” album and Marc nails it. Being able to transcribe something is one thing but learning it and playing it well is another. This is what makes Marc one of the best transcribers around! There will be a full download of the transcription on Marc’s website and there may be a lesson package that follows. There may even be a contest to see you can learn it and play it the best. Hats off to Scott Szeryk and Collin DeJoseph for learning and nailing their parts too.
P.S. Easter is over but there may be a hidden egg in this video….. Of the Goose variety