Aquarian Artist Andy Ziker has designed a music stand specifically for the drummer and percussionist. It is extremely portable with a full desk and 16” chrome shaft that attaches via a multi-angle, multi-clamp to all varieties of drumset tom mount hardware. It’s now possible to place the music exactly where the drummer needs it–without taking floor space.

The Drummer Stand provides:

Drum Students – comfortable, efficient tool to improve their practice routine.

Drum Instructors – mechanism to upgrade their teaching studio environment.

Studio Drummers – perfect way to view drum charts.

Big Band Jazz Drummers – direct sightline to the conductor.

The Drummer Stand also attaches easily to other devices like microphone stands, providing the functionality of a full music stand while minimizing visual interference for the audience.

“I designed this stand out of necessity to help my students learn to read music. Little did I know how “cool” they would find it. It couldn’t work better.”

Andy Ziker – professional drummer, teacher, and author (Drum Aerobics and Daily Drum Warm-Ups)


stock photo-drummer stand

stock photo-clamp close up